Boarding FAQs

Is there a benefit to boarding at a veterinary hospital?

Definitely! Like most boarding facilities, we don’t have staff here 24 hours a day but we do have well trained staff here for many hours each and every day. We do have a veterinarian here at least 6 days a week. If an emergency happens, we can get your pet the care it needs right away! Also, having a veterinarian here means they can prescribe or recommend any necessary changes in your pet’s diet, medications, or supplements if your pet is having a hard time adjusting. Our trained staff knows what to look out for and can help identify any potential issues right away before they become a bigger problem. We can tailor almost everything to meet your pet’s specific boarding needs.

Can someone else drop my pet off or pick them up?

We are more than willing to accommodate someone else dropping off or picking up your pet but the person must be authorized to approve all necessary care for your pet or you must come in and fill out and sign the boarding agreement before the person drops off your pet.

If you plan on someone else picking your pet up from staying, you will need to let us know their name and relation so they are authorized to leave with your pet. Also, the bill will need to be paid in full before your pet is picked up.

What if my pet isn’t current on vaccinations or I want them to be seen by a veterinarian for an issue?

We require that all animals be current on all vaccines prior to boarding.

Your pet’s health comes first! If you have a concern about your pet’s health please call before dropping them off for boarding. We do not accept coughing dogs into our boarding facility and we would like to make sure the doctor has plenty of time to see your pet and set up a treatment plan for any other concerns before boarding them.

How many times does my pet get taken care of each day?

Dogs are taken on walks a minimum of three times a day (twice in the morning and once in the evening) on a leash in a fenced in yard. Each time they are walked they get individual love and attention from an animal caretaker along with plenty of time to burn some energy and eliminate properly.

Cats are cared for twice a day and each time they receive love and attention, along with fresh food, water, and a sanitized litter pan.

Can I board my pet who needs medications?

We highly recommend boarding your pet at a veterinary hospital if they are on a medication. The veterinary staff here is trained to look out for unwanted side effects and how to administer medications properly.  We can medicate pets at no additional cost to you as long as you bring your pets medication.

*We can accommodate, twice per day medications on weekends and more often during business hours.

Although, we do not board diabetic patients as they need to eat to receive insulin and often they do not eat while boarding. 

Are there any age restrictions?

For the safety or your pet and everyone else’s, we do require all boarding pets be current on vaccines to be exposed to other pets while boarding, if you really need to board a young or very old pet that isn’t current, we do offer some limited isolation boarding at an additional expense. Please call to check availability.

What do I need to bring for my pet?

We are all inclusive and we provide beds, blankets, towels, stainless steel bowls, some toys, and food ! We discourage large and bulky items and bedding that may not fit in with your pet or could not be properly sanitized. We encourage a toy or two if you think it will comfort your pet but we discourage rawhides, small chews, rope toys, or other similar items (these items could be a choking or ingestion concern). We do encourage bringing your pet’s food if they require a special diet or are sensitive to diet changes. Please remember to bring their food in Ziploc baggies or a sealed plastic container.

Otherwise, we provide hill’s science diet sensitive skin and stomach for cats and dogs along with a kitten and puppy formula. We also have some prescription diets for boarding pets but please call to confirm that we offer what your pet needs.

Can I board my pets together?

We love keeping family pets together! Occasionally though, the stress of being in a new place prevents them from remaining together for extended periods of time. Since pets are fed together, we have to monitor them closely for any kind of food aggression. If the staff thinks it is necessary to separate your pets, they will do so and the discount will not apply. Some necessary reasons to separate pets are to monitor food and water intake, elimination habits or concerns, or if aggression occurs.

Can I request something special?

Please do! You know your pet best and our goal is to help make their boarding stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible! Let a staff member know if you have a special request and we will do our best!

Boarding FAQs